Tucson Bucket List

What is a Tucson Bucket List, you ask? 
It's a list of bucket list worthy items that can only be accomplished in the dirty city of Tucson, Arizona. I plan to accomplish the following items in the next semester!

Tucson Bucket List
1| Try every Flavor of the Month at Eegee's
2| Feed an Ostrich 
 3| Hike to the top of "A" Mountain 
4| Eat a Sonoran Hot Dog at a shady 24 hour Mexican Restaurant
5| Eat a giant cookie at Mount Lemon
6| Hike Seven Falls
7| Drive at insecure speeds down Roller Coaster Road
8| Walk the entire length of Spring Fling and eat lots o' shady fair food
9| Consume my body weight in pizza from Frog and Frikin
10| Indulge in the anorexia curing hamburger at Lindy's

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