Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Social Media Superstar.

I wish. 

I'm not even close to being an understudy in the world of social media and blogging, but oh well, we all started somewhere, right?!?!

I feel like I've been spending an excessive amount of time online recently and blogging an awful lot, which is good for those of you that are bored enough to make it all the way. But what I've realized from all of this high speed internet time is several things....

1| I'm Addicted to the life I hope to have
2| I'm Obsessed with what people think of me
3| I never apply for the jobs I should
4| No one reads my blog
5| Gossip Girl is my only real friend

Really though people, it's been a rough two weeks! Every time I turn on my computer, which is like every waking minute I spend in my apartment, I open Facebook, Email, Pinterest, My Blog, and Netflix. I NEED A LIFE! I waste a solid 30 minutes merely checking all of these pages and god forbid I'm in a pinning mood, cancel my day! Even as I write this blog I took a second to check Pinterest. I have checked Facebook at least 7 times today to see how many likes I got on my latest picture posts! I feel an intervention coming on, any volunteers!?!

But what I have realized from all of this is that, I AM NOT ALONE!!! The entire female species is guilty in the indulgence of these social sites. We have more friends on Facebook than we've all met in a life time, more hash-tags than life experiences, more pins than time in the day, and all those important emails in my inbox...mark as unread, I'll get to them eventually!

So if you are like me and you are addicted to your virtual life, stop! Take a vow to go an entire day without technology...starting tomorrow or the day after, eventually. Don't keep scrolling down your news feed, don't pin that workout you will never try, and don't try to convince yourself it will be just one more episode, it's never just one more. So dedicated fans, I hope that you like me are able to realize your addiction and
 are able to admit it to yourself and potentially never change, because the real issue here is how did we live so long without Pinterest and Facebook?

Happy semester readers and remember Pinterest will always be there and Facebook is free at the app store.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sombrero Overload

Shelby & Baby Cows!
In the best way!!! 

-Austin and Shelby came to visit!
-Got a call from my best friend Gina
-Found out Nicole met my grand little!
-Chatted it up with Becca
-Spent an extensive amount of time on the phone with the boy!

It was an emotionally overwhelming weekend that I totally needed. A & S coming to visit made me realize that it's totally fine to have no idea what to do with my life, cause we're all in the same boat. Life has a funny way of figuring itself out and I'm gonna leave this one up to the fates. But it's crazy how much you don't realize you miss something until it comes back into your life!!! There are very few moments where I don't miss being in the Rockies, but times like this weekend make me miss it even more than I realized. In the five minutes I was on the phone with Gina, I was ready to cry I miss her so much!!! I guess that's just another thing that I love about Sombrero, we have family everywhere.
6| Hike 7 Falls

In addition to my Sombrero Overload, I watched almost an entire season of Gossip Girl, impressive I know, and checked one more item off my Tucson Bucket List, I'm really going after it!

So have faith readers, I will check all the items off my list!!! Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go!

Then again, what's the fun in that! Gosh, we're all pathetic! I'm saying it, I'm backing it, and I am more than guilty of it.

I started this blog a few months ago as a coping mechanism for my summer spent in the mountains. I had the most amazing time there and an even better time blogging about it. And I figured why stop just because the summer did. So I kept blogging and it helps me remember the good times, the rough times, and the best times! The people I met, the boy I love, and the family I made. But as the months pass by I realized, we're all pathetic. We whined and complained all summer long about not being able to wait till we're home, and now that we are, we want nothing more than to be back.

We all still miss it so desperately, more than most of us are willing to admit. But let's be honest here wranglers, we would all rather be on a four hour with a fabulous gay couple in brown riding boots than in Intro to Astronomy or our grungy apartments!

And you don't even have to admit it publicly, I've already seen it....all over social media. Come on people, let's all take a second and look at our most recent profile pictures and cover photos, if you have a Sombrero one in the last three, you miss it. Some of you haven't even changed your pictures since this summer. And that's okay, because you aren't alone... And as I type this blog two of our fellow wranglers are on their way to my apartment! WRANGLER REUNION!!!!!

Now I get that it may seem a little dramatic, but this summer was one for the history books and one phone call could make it all possible again.

So wranglers, how many of you are gonna make that call and drag yourself back to the best worst summer of your life!?!?! Summer 2014, any takers?

Friday, January 17, 2014

One Week Down...Eighteen To GO!!!!!

I survived...just barely. Really, this has been a rough week, to say the least. 
In addition to almost breaking my hand with a can of chunky chicken noodle, I broke my Ipad after four days of ownership! On the plus side, all my favorite stores are having killer sales. Shopping is the best medicine right?!?! Or was that laughter...either way.

It hasn't even been a full week of school and I'm already bored. It's cause I'm a senior, I get to be...hush. I'm taking 14 units this semester, it's gonna be rough!! But really though, 2.5 hours of AREC non-stop, I'm going to impale my self with a spork!

In addition to super exciting classes, I'm back to work and working out! Be proud people, I worked out three times this week and the week isn't even over yet. Also I like to pretend I work out at work every morning! Tossing 16 bales at 120 pounds isn't child's play!! I forgot how much I love my job! How much I missed the tiny cows and sheep and even the gross pigs. They're so cute and happy, it makes waking up early kind of worth it.

Also I'm one step closer to marking off item number one on my Tucson Bucket List!!! This month's flavor, Blueberry Lemon!

Anywho, I'm already super over this semester as an actual thing, so I think I might just quit while I'm ahead and become a famous blogger... I know, I'm so funny and so kidding. But I wish! So wish my luck with my semester readers and enjoy these pictures of my princess.

For those of you that are in my boat:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tucson Bucket List

So I'm back! 

Finally after almost a month, I have graced the Dirty-T with my presence. It seems like nothing has changed except, I realized how much I actually might, kind of, sort of, really like Tucson. I think I must have hit my head recently. But really, I missed my dingy, dated apartment, MY JOB, my awesome roommate, fending for myself, my own room, I missed it all.
Coming back is a little bitter sweet thinking I'm driving back to start my last semester of my undergraduate career and potentially, last semester of school EVER!!!!! That's crazy! I have spent the last 15 years behind a desk and in 5 short months I get to put the backpacks away and bring out the briefcases. 

So my winter break was eventful to say the least. After two days of being home, I headed to Lower Alabama to visit the sibling! The weather was less agreeable than expected, but I got to go to the beach and got some amazing shots, so I'm happy. Then after two days of being home I headed to OKC! I know you all were gripping the edges of your seats to see if I made my connection, I didn't. -_- 

So another adventure added to the books. I spent a night in the airport. Not only did I learn that Dallas/Fort Worth is the size of Manhattan in New York City, thanks to virtual Rodger the Junior Pilot in the daycare center. But I also learned that the motion censored TV's will teach you hip hop at any hour, even 3:30am. After a doughnut run and much needed coffee, I boarded a plane to see my main squeeze. I spent a pretty uneventful week being lazy. Although I got a little spoiled with a date night in OKC at resturant called VAST. One word: Fancy!!!! Nights like those remind me of how lucky I am. 

(Not everyone gets a chance to find their other half. I know most people think it's a bit premature to say he's the one, but I don't really care, because when you know, you just know. I didn't spend the last three years being in a wildly mediocre relationship and watch my best friend do the same, to wait around forever and be overly cautious. Besides, we're young, we get to be wild and free.)

After spending almost a week in Oklahoma, I'm finally back to the Dirty-T. Went to work this morning and forgot how much I missed the creatures!!! We got a big pig and he's super cute! (I'll post pictures eventually). 

So in honor of classes starting tomorrow I decided that I'm going to make this last semester one for the history books! I'm going to spend the day Spring Cleaning a little early, getting rid of the clutter, and getting
 ready for an awesome semester. 

This semester I vow to work out more, cook more, bake more,  love my dog more, clean more, dress cute, get good grades, apply for jobs, and finish my Tucson Bucket List. 

What is a Tucson Bucket List, you ask? 
It's a list of bucket list worthy items that can only be accomplished in the dirty city of Tucson, Arizona. So this semester I plan to check off and photograph these items and more, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

Tucson Bucket List
1| Try every Flavor of the Month at Eegee's
2| Pet an Ostrich 
3| Tour the Biosphere 2
4| Eat a Sonoran Hot Dog at a shady 24 hour Mexican Restaurant
5| Watch the sunset from Mount Lemon
6| Hike 7 Falls
7| Drive at insecure speeds down Roller Coaster Road
8| Walk the entire length of the 4th Ave Street Fair
9| Go to the Tucson Rodeo
10| Consume my body weight in pizza from Frog and Frikin

If any of you would like to join me on this quest, have suggestions, or what to take this on yourself, feel free to comment!!!!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

I Unlocked the Airport Rat Badge!!!

Over the last three weeks this girl has been to six airports! Count it people, S-I-X!!!
~Oklahoma City

It's been a busy travel season for us all, with the holidays and school ending it seems like everyone is packing up and heading south for the winter, while I've been jet setting around the freakin' country. Don't get me wrong airports are my favorite place on the planet; the high anxiety of missing your connection, the stripping down to your unmentionables just so you pass through security, fancy gift shops, fast food restaurants, and people. More people than Wal-Mart on Black Friday (not really, but pretty close).

And do you all know what America's favorite hobby is?
                           People watching!!!

Oh yeah, we get such joy at of judging from a far, making assumptions, and eventually having to sit next to our favorite person watched.

So where have I been jet setting you ask? Well you always have to start somewhere and for me home base is Phoenix, Sky Harbor International, America's Friendliest Airport....woooh. Then I always end up on a layover in Dallas or Denver on my way to see Prince Charming. Kind of ironic how there are no direct flights to see such an important guy. ;) The other two airports, Houston and Mobile, are from my visit to the Sunshine State.

I'm always excited when I get to visit new airports! I'm well aware that I'm a freak! But really it's fun to ride the little trans, blast my headphones, and most importantly, judge people from afar.

So as I sit here in the airport for the second time this week waiting for my plane.

I get to cross my fingers and hope they hold my connection, because I would be a little less excited to see Dallas if it meant that I had to spend the night. So cross your fingers readers and hope that I make my connection, because if I don't there will be many more depressing posts to come.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What do Resolutions Really Resolve?!?!

Its that time again....time to make or break our New Year's Resolutions! Who's excited? I bet you all plan to loose those last 15 pounds, become a millionaire, a better person, or make something of yourself. Because that's what New Year's is all about! 

Since New Year's brings out the resolutions in people, the need to set a goal, plant a kiss, and attend a party, I decided to dedicate a post to just that...Resolutions and Goals

13 things I've accomplished over the last year. I know that's a narrow list, because let's be real here people, I'm a pretty successful human being... ;) But considering its 2013, I will narrow my list of successes to a measly 13

In addition to 13 successes, I will create a list of 14 goals for the coming new year, anyone see a pattern here? 

13 Things I've Accomplished in the last year:
(Now before I continue with my list I ask for a judge-free zone! Some of my accomplishments may not seem like accomplishments to you all, but to me, this year was one for the history books!)

1. joined the livestock judging team!
2. fell in love with my life
3. finally said good-bye to all the bad in my life
4. moved into an apartment with my best friend
5. started a virtual bucket list
6. created a mildly successful blog 
7. lived for myself
8. started a long distance relationship
9. found my person
10. did AMAZING in school
11. found out who my real friends are
12. went on the perfect first date
13. forgot my New Years resolution (probably to get skinny) 

14 Goals for the New Year:
1. graduate college 
2. make this blog success (can I get some help here?!?!) 
3. fall in love, everyday
4. see the world 
5. visit my person 
6. keep my college friends 
7. do something unbelievable 
8. check some things off my bucket list 
9. laugh
10. cry
11. forgive
12. soak up the moments
13. get back in high school shape!
14. find myself...

So I know some of these things seem odd or strange to some of you, they do to me too. This year was a year of discovery for me. I found my self confidence again, I found out that I'm really good at judging and that has opened all kinds of doors for me. I fell in love with my job over and over again. I forgot to care, I quit. I gave up everything that made me who I was in college. I left Sigma Alpha, I gave up Vice President, I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, I haven't talked to 75% of my so called "sisters" since. The me that loved the sorority, our brothers, is gone. Only to be replaced by this blog crazy, long distance girlfriend who loves her job, her new friends, her summer memories, and every changed thing in her life. 

So I implore you readers, make a list, scratch that, make two lists. One of all of the things you accomplished last year and one of the things you'll accomplish this, because it doesn't matter what you didn't accomplish last year and what you won't do this year, all that matters is that you did something! You made a list and filled it full of wonderful memories.