Friday, October 25, 2013

First World Probz

 To whom ever invented the term "senioritous", damn you!!! I so wish it was a real disease, because I would use that excuse....daily.

Man, has this week been unproductive! I always say I'm gonna be productive....but no, instead I go to the mall, spend 18 hours on pinterest, or have a mini marathon of Gossip Girl solo.

On the plus side I've been much more social this week. On the negative side, it's only at night and I spend all of my days, not in class, asleep until 1pm. I know, the struggle is real people.

So I just realized, I completely and totally forgot to post a "Last first day of school ever..." status. Boo me, how dare I slack so drastically. But really though people, I'm almost done....SCARY!!!

What is it about graduating college that everyone feels it necessary to ask you about your plans after? Um well you see, first I was planning on Hooter's, then moving up to a classier establishment like the Tilted Kilt, then finally I'm thinking Trophy Wife... *mental note to self: stop with the Rocky Road ice cream.*

I have no real plans after graduation, because I have no real plans for life other than to live each moment like it's my last, see the world, meet the people I've never met, fall in love everyday, marry the man of my dreams, and own cows. Some of these things may come sooner rather than later or never at all, but I like to hope for them, pin my bucket list on pinterest, and invest my whole graduation plan into one amazing internship opportunity.

So in light of nearly being done with school, I have started to make plans. The ever so important kind, like where am I going to do my senior pictures? Ideas anyone? How should I decorate my cap? What am I going to do with all of this junk in my apartment? And last but not least, when can I book a ticket to Europe?

So as you all are cramming for Chemistry or working like dogs, I'm over here deciding on the important things, day dreaming about the future, and realizing I need to get my life together.

In the word's my grand little...."The struggle is real!"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Judge-Free Zone....NOT!

Well I'm gonna admit it, I spent most of last week riding the struggle bus!

Not only did my car break down, but I missed classes all day. You know what we did in my classes got 15 points extra credit for just attending, test review, and a quiz....wop wop wop. 
But all of that is beside the point, because I just participated in my LAST livestock judging contest ever, at the Big Fresno Fair. 

So this is the second time I've been to this contest and boy, was this trip much different. Gone was the start of the Tripod, a night tailgating, and being stress beyond belief during contest. Added was a 12 hour drive spent reading, a pep talk for a team who wasn't even nervous, and placing top 10. 
Last year, driving to Fresno was a nerve wreaking, exciting time. We were chatting it up in the back seat, alone, away from everyone....talking about how excited we were for the next day. Then after a day spent judging and some sideways glances at a certain livestock handler, we tailgated with Kelli's friends. Met some interesting people and drove home the next morning.

This year I was solo in my reasons sets. Yay me! After giving my last set on Commercial Ewes, I gave my placings to Dan and waited for officials. It was a bitter sweet moment as I realized how terrible I had done. We spent the night bonding and discovering whole new sides to each other. We finally drove home Sunday, only to pass another school van filled with Art students...we entertained ourselves for a hot minute trying to get their attention.

I just realized that no matter how good I've done at a contest or how short my judging season was, I still will never forget the opportunities I had, the people I met, and the memories I made. There are few times in my life where I have laughed as hard, smiled as much, or genuinely had fun as I did on judging trips. 

Sombrerhoes Meet Reality!

I think it's safe to say a majority of us are having a difficult time transitioning back into the real world.

Some of us, it's easier than others. Some of us are off in cowboy heaven, making friends and riding broncs. Some of us are still isolated in Estes, loving the cold and the wrangler life. A mass majority of us have entered college world.... *insert dramatic music!!!

College world: 
-A place where shotgunned boots...not a thing.
-A button up, what are you a lumberjack?
-Hair, say hello to a straighter, we're about to get really close.

College world requires a certain amount of maintenance to be done to oneself. No more rolling out of bed, hair untamed, no make up, and the same jeans from the day before. Shorts, tight dresses, and real people clothes flood our closets. Dives in the lake and campfires are replaced by frat parties and 8am classes. Your brain is actually required to function and be tested. College world sucks....

There are no ponies, no early mornings, no guests, no phones ringing off the hook. Our bunk house is replaced with a dingy apartment. Our button ups are replaced with V-necks. Our riding jeans are replaced with "nice jeans". Our cowboy hats are replaced with perfectly primped hair and make up to match.

Hope you all transitioning into non-Sombrero life as gracefully as I am...

But judging by Amanda's doodles and Claire's #TBT's, I'm going to guess it's going about as well as mine.