Monday, October 21, 2013

Sombrerhoes Meet Reality!

I think it's safe to say a majority of us are having a difficult time transitioning back into the real world.

Some of us, it's easier than others. Some of us are off in cowboy heaven, making friends and riding broncs. Some of us are still isolated in Estes, loving the cold and the wrangler life. A mass majority of us have entered college world.... *insert dramatic music!!!

College world: 
-A place where shotgunned boots...not a thing.
-A button up, what are you a lumberjack?
-Hair, say hello to a straighter, we're about to get really close.

College world requires a certain amount of maintenance to be done to oneself. No more rolling out of bed, hair untamed, no make up, and the same jeans from the day before. Shorts, tight dresses, and real people clothes flood our closets. Dives in the lake and campfires are replaced by frat parties and 8am classes. Your brain is actually required to function and be tested. College world sucks....

There are no ponies, no early mornings, no guests, no phones ringing off the hook. Our bunk house is replaced with a dingy apartment. Our button ups are replaced with V-necks. Our riding jeans are replaced with "nice jeans". Our cowboy hats are replaced with perfectly primped hair and make up to match.

Hope you all transitioning into non-Sombrero life as gracefully as I am...

But judging by Amanda's doodles and Claire's #TBT's, I'm going to guess it's going about as well as mine.

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