Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Changing it up!!!

So I know it's been what seems forever since I've been on here, but that's because I haven't been!

Seeing as I graduated college the name of this blog became a little less relevant, so I decided to change some things up and create a whole new blog!

This is much like my first blog about my life as a wrangler, except this time I'm living at a guest ranch in Wyoming with my other half!

So if you loved  everything you saw here, come join me at my new blog.

Destination: Me! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Big Changes and Long Goodbyes

I know they last few months have really only been posts about what my plans are post graduation, but what else is there really to stress about as a college senior other than what to do after college is over? Nothing...exactly.

But that's really all that's been on my mind when I crack open the laptop and start typing. So I'm finally going to give you all a final update on my plans for life, say a goodbye to the greatest four years, and this blog.

Alright everyone, one day left before I cross that stage, shake hands with some important dude, and say "Peace Out Girl Scout" to the last four years of my life! Which is both depressing and exhilarating at the same time. How many times in your life do you get the chance to just be free, no obligations, no restrictions, total and complete freedom...not many. So I'm over here trying to make the most of it.

I have decided that I'm going to spend the summer in Florida with my sister! She is currently serving in the world's greatest Air Force and I am so excited to spend a summer together away from home. I'm currently unemployed and have no plans to use my degree in the near future. I'm looking at finding a summer waitress job, super glamours huh?!?! Judge away people! But I'm seizing the day and filling my summer with adventures. Immature, non resume building adventures. I plan to get a tan, make some tips, and even more friends. I'm excited to say my wonderful boyfriend is coming along for the ride!!! Finally Prince Charming with a southern accent and I will be in the state again! It's been a long year and I can't wait to see him everyday! Don't worry folks, Rocky is also along for the ride!

After my childish summer in Florida, I plan to hopefully get a job on a cattle ranch is Australia. Crazy I know!!! But I was given the opportunity to apply for a job out there working for a year. I could not be more excited! I can't wait to start my life and live out of a suitcase.

I know it sounds silly to most to move to a state for three months, then cross oceans, seas, hemispheres, and continents for a year, but it sound like heaven to me. I think I have larger sense of wanderlust than most and I can't wait to give into that.

So in light of those changes, I'm making a few more in my life. Clearly this blog will become less relevant in about a week, when I'm no longer in college and when I hang up my cowboy boots for an apron. I've decided to create a new blog to better mirror my new life. I've decided to call it....
Destination: ME.

This is will be similar to my lifestyle blog now, but I'll add in some other things like beach workouts, the best way to get a perfect summer tan, how to live off a waitress salary, and life advice for living without limitations. 

I hope you follow me over to my new blog and join me on my hopefully endless adventures over the next year.

Monday, May 12, 2014

10 Things I Never Expected to Learn in College

So it really has been a long four years! But in the shortest way possible, if that makes any sense at all. The last few years have seemed to never end when finals and midterms come around, but when all the fun stuff is happening, life just flies by.

Everyone says high school is the best four years of your life...until college...well shit! If these were the "best" eight years of my life what else do I have to look forward to? Tax returns, low insurance rates, couponing? CAN'T WAIT!!!!

It's hard to finally say goodbye to my best friends, favorite memories, and ample amounts of life advice! So in honor of graduating I'm compiling a list of the 10 things I never expected to learn in college...

10 Things I Never Expected to Learn in College
1. Random roommates end one of two ways...terrible or great.
2. You will loose three things and you won't regret any of them...sleep, friends, and money. (Alright maybe the last one)
3. Your TA's are your best friends.
4. Never be the smartest person in your study group, just smarter than most, no one likes a freeloader.
5. There is no one has the same class schedule, social life, hours of work, rent bill, homework assignments, sorority formals, crap roommate that you do...DON'T EVEN TRY!
6. Always be prepared for either an all night study session or the most vital party of your life.
7. Sweatpants.
8. Pinterest knows you better than you do, Facebook will distract you to the ends of the earth, checking your Catmail is a form of being productive, and never get a's dangerous!
9. If you cook a meal that doesn't involve a box label Hamburger Helper, you are officially Wolfgang Puck! 
10. Every year goes by faster than the last...

If I could give my freshman self advice I would say to live in the moment, be selfish, but studious, travel, cry, take pictures, remember where you came from, but don't look back for so long your loose track of where your going, be yourself, love whoever you want, but don't loose yourself in them, be independent, laugh it off, take a second and enjoy the little things, call your best friends before you dive head first into the world of poor life choices, chances are they'll want to join, and never forget how much you're going to change in the next four years. Also save your money, learn to cook, never buy the books, high school taught you nothing, and an empty tank of gas will get you further than you think.

So as I kiss the College of Ag, U of A, my dingy apartment, the Agriculture center, and all my friends goodbye I finally realize it's time for me to move on and have endless adventures.

To all my fellow seniors, good luck in the future and I hope you don't forget the last four years and all the unexpected things we've learned.
To those of you who get to live it up for another year, document every moment, get some good friends, and cause as many shenanigans as possible.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What No One Ever Tells You....

About leaving college  EVER!!!!

...You have to become an adult.
-Tax returns, what?!? 
-Insurance, you mean I can't just stay on my parents forever?!? 
-A real car, made before 1985?!? Where do we get one of those!??!?

Why is it that no one really told you how to be an adult? I just barely figured out how to register to vote! I'm not ready for my own phone plan, filling out my I-9 solo, or looking for a forever living situation! Shit.

Can someone help me?!? Or can I just make a pillow fort and watch Bridesmaids?!? 

So as I get ready to attend my last college party, I realize that my life is not only a mess, but I am no where near prepared to be an adult!!

Please tell me I am not the only one who feels this way!!!

Ten things You Wish Someone Would Have Told You Freshman Year:
1. It goes by real quick like...
2. Find out what you want to do with your life like now, cause when you don't have an answer THEY WILL ALL JUDGE LIKE JUDY!!!
3. You will loose money (lots of it), sleep (even more), and friends, but these are irreplaceable moments
4. Be thankful for the four or forty years you are given to attend the wonderful black hole we call college
5. Never graduate...ever!
6. Being an adult is hard
7. Stay a kid forever
8. Get a dog
9. Find your person and take them with you on all your adventures
10. Seek adventure, even if it's in your own backyard

I don't regret a moment of my college career, well maybe I have a few regrets, but I lived it up the best I knew how and I know it's time to move on and life, I just don't feel prepared in the least.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Here's to the Good Times...

This last week though....

Words can not describe how much fun I had over the last week. If anyone ever wanted to end college with a bam, I need to introduce you to my friends...cause these girls do it right!

There were endless moments of can't breathe, so funny you're snorting, my sides ache, some one send this to America's Home Videos, laugh fits, late night shenanigans, DABs, and best friends.

A girl can only hope to make the memories I've made this last week. And let me tell you all something real friends, they're....perrty neat (fast forward 55 seconds).

Even though the hours of sleep were in the single digits, I don't regret a moment of our nonsense. Sure I didn't do super great on one of the infinite tests that I took, but I GOT a B IN STATS AGAIN!!!! Maybe I'm better I'm at math than I'm willing to admit.

But in all serious these three girls I call partners in crime I have really been there for me through it all. From random days of getting inked up, to helping satisfy a craving for some Bacon and Eggs, to staying up till the break of dawn, to dancing with rhythm-less boys, to cheering on the enemy at a softball game, to always having my back. And because we all have bucket lists to check off, boys to flirt with or seek revenge on, and parties to attend.

So, here's to the good times! Here's to the endless nights, the perfect songs, the crazy ideas, the moments that take your breath away. Here's to a week from Hell sent to us from Heaven. Here's to the my best friends, to our wisest choices, our last minute decisions, our late night talks, and every unforgettable memory in between. Thanks for making my last full week of college one for every history book!

It's been real and it's been fun, and its def been REAL FUN!

Playlist for this week:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Crunch Time Here People!!!!

So, graduation!!!! Doesn't that word just put a damper on your day?!? Mine too!!! 

Well were officially in the 30's in my "Days till graduation" down! Hello real world, goodbye homework.

So my post graduation plans include absolutely nothing! I've been told that an opportunity will just fall in my lap, or I might have just made that up. Either way, a plan has still not been devised!!!!

But it's fine because everyone else around me is busy being successful and getting jobs! My dance partner in whine just got offered a teaching job! Even my AREC group, who I would best label as "complacent", is busy being productive and making cute hats! 

So it's t-minus 39 days until graduation and instead of applying for jobs and packing up my life, I choose to spend my time Snapchatting Selfies, #waybackwednesday to the Charmed marathon I'm participating in, picstitching library study sessions, and capturing my Top Ten reasons for why I love my job! 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pre-Pre-Finals Week!

What is more crowed right this moment than Wal-Mart on Black Friday?!?! 

The Library!!!

Final test are in full swing, right before actual finals start. The things going through virtually every teachers' mind right now, "Oh crap, two weeks left in the semester, I'm so behind, let's schedule one more test, a project here and there, oh can't forget that quiz I forgot to give last week, and I think we can squeeze in one more assignment." As a victim of this poor planning I would like to take a minute and thank all these teachers, I really love living in the ever so crowded library.

So as school starts to wind down, the assignments start to pick up! With 12 days of school and two finals, I am OVERWHELMED!!!! But instead of starting my never ending problem sets, I'm indulging in the endless black hole that is the internet and gossiping. Annual Monday library dates...not very productive.

But sitting here in the basement of the Science and Engineering Library, by all the Navy history books brings me back to first semester of my Freshman year. I used to spend countless hours with my favorite people tucked away in these old desks. It was one study break that we discovered we were hunker down right next to the Navy and Marine history section, what are the odds? Really? It was so strange and funny and just became sort of our place. When we weren't hosting Disney movie marathons or planning sleepovers in the basement, we were hidden behind the shelves of Naval history. It's been a long four years and fast forward to now. I'm less than 20 days away from freedom and I have a million opportunities in my lap, I just haven't chosen one yet.

So I'm asking you readers, help me pick what I should spend my summer doing!
1) Wrangler job in South Padre Island, Texas
2) Ranch job in Oklahoma
3) Waitress in Florida
4) Summer 3 of Sombrero

So yeah, I have a few options and to think only a month ago I didn't even have a clue. And now I really need some help making decisions here people! So for once, someone give me some feed back! Which one should I chose?

Now I'm going to finally crack open the books and start the homework I've been avoiding since 7:30 this morning...

Goodnight and Happy Monday!!!!