Friday, October 25, 2013

First World Probz

 To whom ever invented the term "senioritous", damn you!!! I so wish it was a real disease, because I would use that excuse....daily.

Man, has this week been unproductive! I always say I'm gonna be productive....but no, instead I go to the mall, spend 18 hours on pinterest, or have a mini marathon of Gossip Girl solo.

On the plus side I've been much more social this week. On the negative side, it's only at night and I spend all of my days, not in class, asleep until 1pm. I know, the struggle is real people.

So I just realized, I completely and totally forgot to post a "Last first day of school ever..." status. Boo me, how dare I slack so drastically. But really though people, I'm almost done....SCARY!!!

What is it about graduating college that everyone feels it necessary to ask you about your plans after? Um well you see, first I was planning on Hooter's, then moving up to a classier establishment like the Tilted Kilt, then finally I'm thinking Trophy Wife... *mental note to self: stop with the Rocky Road ice cream.*

I have no real plans after graduation, because I have no real plans for life other than to live each moment like it's my last, see the world, meet the people I've never met, fall in love everyday, marry the man of my dreams, and own cows. Some of these things may come sooner rather than later or never at all, but I like to hope for them, pin my bucket list on pinterest, and invest my whole graduation plan into one amazing internship opportunity.

So in light of nearly being done with school, I have started to make plans. The ever so important kind, like where am I going to do my senior pictures? Ideas anyone? How should I decorate my cap? What am I going to do with all of this junk in my apartment? And last but not least, when can I book a ticket to Europe?

So as you all are cramming for Chemistry or working like dogs, I'm over here deciding on the important things, day dreaming about the future, and realizing I need to get my life together.

In the word's my grand little...."The struggle is real!"

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