Monday, November 4, 2013

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November!

Well doesn't that just make it easier.... Three years ago tomorrow, a boy who I thought would be my forever asked me out....funny what changes in three years. 

Quick update: 
   We dated until July of this year. First long term relationship...ever. Two houses, three roommates later, we were still going strong. An intervention or two and a summer in the Rockies, I ended things. 

Do I miss him? Somedays.
Do I regret it? Never. 

Shortly after that unfortunate heart break, I met the man of my dreams. 

I didn't think so at first, but after a three hour vent sess, a bumper car first date, a night on the top of the world, star gazing in a truck bed, and several unforgettable weekends. This girl = sold. Yep people, I'm declaring it. As sappy and gross as I never am, he's the one. I get it, I really do, how dumb of me! After only four months, I am ready to call off the search...forever

So, I shun those that post these sappy, "I'll love you forever" crap. And I am currently shunning myself as I continue to type, but lez be one is reading this, so I'm gonna keep being gross. 

In addition to realizing that this relationship is straight out of a romance novel, I want the world to know that every love song ever written could also be applied to my life as well. You're welcome. Alright prep yourself, cause it's about to get gag worthy. 

There are few people who get lucky enough to marry their best friends, who find their other half, there (dare I say it) soul mate. I know it's ignorant of me to say this, but I did! 

I can't say that I didn't have to kiss a few frogs to find my prince, but I did and I'm never letting that go. 

It's been a roller coaster of emotions for the last three years and I'm finally happy. Not just with him, but in my life too. I've cut out all of the bad and now I spend my days laxing and watching Gossip Girl. I spend it dreaming of the future I have no ideas about, about the life I'll lead 5, 10, 15 years from now, and of the friends I've made, lost, and plan to keep. I know my life has never been littered with trauma or heartache like the lives of many people around me, I'm lucky and I know it. 

But being lucky has showed me that I've lived my life on the safe side. I know now that I need to live in the moment, by the seat of pants, like there is tomorrow. Thinking back to this summer and the last few months, I know I've done just that. 

But my advice for you all, whoever you are is....
-To never be afraid of what is ahead, change is a good thing. 
-Fear should never hold you back. 
       Be happy. 
         For no reason at all. 
-Live in the moment, but don't forever about the future or the past. 
-You are who you are today, because of who you were then and who you will be. 
-Love unconditionally, no matter what your better self is telling you. 
-Don't stress over the little things. 
-Be stupid, while you're young, wild, and free. 
-Travel, see the world, if even that's a state away. 
-Fall in love everyday with everything. 
-Don't do it if you don't love it! Life is too short. 

After three years of emotional turmoil and poor decisions, I'm finally content. I love my job, my classes, my free time, my inner nerd, my boyfriend, my dingy apartment, my best friends, my family, and the opportunities that I've been offered. 

So never go to bed angry because tomorrow is a new day, you can always start over!!!!

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