Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Here's to the Good Times...

This last week though....

Words can not describe how much fun I had over the last week. If anyone ever wanted to end college with a bam, I need to introduce you to my friends...cause these girls do it right!

There were endless moments of can't breathe, so funny you're snorting, my sides ache, some one send this to America's Home Videos, laugh fits, late night shenanigans, DABs, and best friends.

A girl can only hope to make the memories I've made this last week. And let me tell you all something real fast...my friends, they're....perrty neat (fast forward 55 seconds).

Even though the hours of sleep were in the single digits, I don't regret a moment of our nonsense. Sure I didn't do super great on one of the infinite tests that I took, but I GOT a B IN STATS AGAIN!!!! Maybe I'm better I'm at math than I'm willing to admit.

But in all serious these three girls I call partners in crime I have really been there for me through it all. From random days of getting inked up, to helping satisfy a craving for some Bacon and Eggs, to staying up till the break of dawn, to dancing with rhythm-less boys, to cheering on the enemy at a softball game, to always having my back. And because we all have bucket lists to check off, boys to flirt with or seek revenge on, and parties to attend.

So, here's to the good times! Here's to the endless nights, the perfect songs, the crazy ideas, the moments that take your breath away. Here's to a week from Hell sent to us from Heaven. Here's to the my best friends, to our wisest choices, our last minute decisions, our late night talks, and every unforgettable memory in between. Thanks for making my last full week of college one for every history book!

It's been real and it's been fun, and its def been REAL FUN!

Playlist for this week:

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