Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Crunch Time Here People!!!!

So, graduation!!!! Doesn't that word just put a damper on your day?!? Mine too!!! 

Well were officially in the 30's in my "Days till graduation" down! Hello real world, goodbye homework.

So my post graduation plans include absolutely nothing! I've been told that an opportunity will just fall in my lap, or I might have just made that up. Either way, a plan has still not been devised!!!!

But it's fine because everyone else around me is busy being successful and getting jobs! My dance partner in whine just got offered a teaching job! Even my AREC group, who I would best label as "complacent", is busy being productive and making cute hats! 

So it's t-minus 39 days until graduation and instead of applying for jobs and packing up my life, I choose to spend my time Snapchatting Selfies, #waybackwednesday to the Charmed marathon I'm participating in, picstitching library study sessions, and capturing my Top Ten reasons for why I love my job! 

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