Monday, April 28, 2014

Pre-Pre-Finals Week!

What is more crowed right this moment than Wal-Mart on Black Friday?!?! 

The Library!!!

Final test are in full swing, right before actual finals start. The things going through virtually every teachers' mind right now, "Oh crap, two weeks left in the semester, I'm so behind, let's schedule one more test, a project here and there, oh can't forget that quiz I forgot to give last week, and I think we can squeeze in one more assignment." As a victim of this poor planning I would like to take a minute and thank all these teachers, I really love living in the ever so crowded library.

So as school starts to wind down, the assignments start to pick up! With 12 days of school and two finals, I am OVERWHELMED!!!! But instead of starting my never ending problem sets, I'm indulging in the endless black hole that is the internet and gossiping. Annual Monday library dates...not very productive.

But sitting here in the basement of the Science and Engineering Library, by all the Navy history books brings me back to first semester of my Freshman year. I used to spend countless hours with my favorite people tucked away in these old desks. It was one study break that we discovered we were hunker down right next to the Navy and Marine history section, what are the odds? Really? It was so strange and funny and just became sort of our place. When we weren't hosting Disney movie marathons or planning sleepovers in the basement, we were hidden behind the shelves of Naval history. It's been a long four years and fast forward to now. I'm less than 20 days away from freedom and I have a million opportunities in my lap, I just haven't chosen one yet.

So I'm asking you readers, help me pick what I should spend my summer doing!
1) Wrangler job in South Padre Island, Texas
2) Ranch job in Oklahoma
3) Waitress in Florida
4) Summer 3 of Sombrero

So yeah, I have a few options and to think only a month ago I didn't even have a clue. And now I really need some help making decisions here people! So for once, someone give me some feed back! Which one should I chose?

Now I'm going to finally crack open the books and start the homework I've been avoiding since 7:30 this morning...

Goodnight and Happy Monday!!!!

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