Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finals Week!!!

Also known as....Every college students' worst nightmare!

How is it that you spend an entire semester in these classrooms, taking notes, paying attention, doing the homework, failing the tests, and yet you've learned nothing! And three days, 12 hours before the final test you decide to start studying.

15 cups of coffee, 5 red bulls, 2 pizzas, and an uncountable number of gallons of ice cream consumed and you're not prepared in the slightest. You only stop for the essentials like a Pinterest break or a midnight McDonald's run.
Let's not kid ourselves here people, studying for finals consists mostly of attending every study session just to feel productive, going to your teacher's office hours and crying about your crushed dreams of grad school, watching lots of netflix, and pretending you have all the time in the world to study because you only have one final a day. 

Dead Day! We are given an entire day to do nothing! No classes, no obligations and what do we spend that day doing. Not studying, I can tell you that much!
Sleeping mostly, a non stop Harry potter marathon, if that's too big a mouthful to swallow, there's always Lord of the Rings too! 

We spend 85% of studying, not studying. We're blogging, Facebooking, or Instagraming our recently purchased Starbucks drink with a heart next to our misspelled names, hashtagging our way to a competition for who has the most stressful finals week. 

So I am encouraging you readers, to give up on the late night cram sess, the last minute Starbucks run, and buckle down, study your hearts out, get some sleep. And if all else fails I have 15 other posts that you can waste time reading! Because let's be honest, stats isn't gonna learn itself! So don't stress, take a moment and remember your finals in high school and be bitter about the fact that in those four years you learned absolutely nothing that would prepare you for finals week in college.

So study well my friends and may the odds be ever in your favor! ;) 

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