Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Baby!

Can we all just take a second and talk about how it doesn't even sort of feel like almost Christmas? I mean really, it's tomorrow!!!!! Oh, Holy Night!

Me & my Big Sis
It's not that this semester went by too fast or that it was 80 degrees last week, it just doesn't feel like Christmas anywhere. Where is the holiday spirit? Get it together here people, Christmas comes but once a year!

But truly Christmas doesn't feel like it's here yet, for me at least, because it's about spending time with the family and it seems like my family is shrinking with each passing minute. Well, this is the first Christmas I don't get to spend with my older sister, she's stationed in Florida. Yes, I get to see her the day after Christmas, but opening presents Christmas morning will not be the same without her. It's strange to think after 20 years, this will be the first of many Christmases we don't spend together. One more downfall of growing up and being an adult. 

My Christmas Wish:
All I want for Christmas this year is to be with the people I miss the most, my Sombrero Family. I miss them all so much. 

Every now and again I have these moments where I completely zone out and think back to this summer. I'm driving down the road one minute, the next I'm remembering a camp fire and marshmallows, a four hour ride to Odessa Lake, a nap in the barn, a movie night with the whole crew. These moments creep into my day dreams, all the time and it makes me miss it even more. 

I know it sounds corny! Oh, I miss my blissful summer of fun, with more sleepless nights than I could count, and more adventures than I could remember, but hey, my summer was special, unlike anyone else's. My summer I found something that I wasn't even looking for, a family. A set of best friends, an amazing boy, a creeper boss, a herd of misfits all smashed together to create one misshapen family, but, in the words of Hannah Montana, "Nobody's perfect!" 

So Santa, I hear you're in the business of making Christmas wishes come true, can you please make just this one wish come true, for me?  

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  1. It is really fun to read this having met you at Sombrero :)