Monday, December 9, 2013

The Goodbyes', For Nows', and See ya Laters'

As the semester comes to a close I start to think about all the things I said I would do this semester. 

-The grades I would get
-Thee projects I would finish 
-The life I would lead...
And yet with one day of classes and three finals, I realized I accomplished very little. 

Yeah, I dedicated an extreme amount of time to my job, did all my homework on time, went to all my classes, and had a little fun here & there, but I didn't get nearly as much done as I thought I would. But isn't that how life works? 
We always promise ourselves we're going to change, become different people, nicer, work harder, break all our bad habits. I guess no one is really perfect, huh? 

  Well despite not accomplishing all of my goals this semester, I still had an amazing time. I got to help with calving season, made a ton of new friends, reconnected with some old ones, fell in love with my apartment, my job, my dog, my life all over again. I forgot how many amazing opportunities I'd been given and about the people who make me better. 

I made a lot of tough decisions this summer that changed my life for the better; I ended a relationship to start another, quit my sorority to live my life without the drama and guess what???? I could not be happier. 
For those of you most dedicated fans, I won't bore you with the details. But I really do love the boy I'm with now and I think he's made me into a better person. 
As for the sorority stuff, I hate to say I told you so, but everything happens for a reason and sometimes people suffer for those reasons. I never once regret leaving behind that life or making those decisions. But I know I couldn't have done it with out my lifeboat! Sometimes you just need a little push to get through it all, but in the end you know there are some people who will always be there to give it to you.
This weekend was one for the history books! After not seeing each other for weeks, Karli and I hung out all weekend and caused all kinds of trouble. It's days like those that remind me of all the good in my life. Despite the bad, I will always have those people, I will always have those memories, and I will always know how good it can be. 

Well I guess this is goodbye to my last fall semester in college. It's been a fantastic one filled with some life changing moments, breathless laughs, tears, pain, sleepless nights, and some pretty great friends!

I will never forget the memories, the friends, the mistakes I've made in college. And I'm thankful for a chance to spend at least one more semester being a kid, but I know soon enough I'll have to grow up and face reality. I will have to choose a career and settle down, but until then I'm going to keep laughing till it hurts, skipping out on sleep to hang out with my friends, and live every day like there's no tomorrow. 

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