Monday, February 3, 2014

Mornings Like These....

There is this strange concept that is like a second mother to most college students. A concept that I haven't had the luxury of grasping for some four years now....


Most normal people start their morning with a cup of coffee, a quick breakfast, and maybe a shower, then they head to work or school and go about their days! My mornings look nothing like that. Mine start with jeans, boots and farm creatures.

I've spent my entire college career, summers including summers, waking up before good old Mr. Sun!

But 2 full weeks of this can really wear a girl down. So when I woke up this morning tired as always, I strategically planned to come home and go back to sleep. Boy was I wrong in the best way! I was at work for a little over four hours with my furry friends and it was so worth it.

I know it seems like a tedious job and that the moo's and BLLLAAAAHHHHSSSS do occasionally get annoying, but this was one of those rare days where I got to see blood shed and lives ruined. JOKE! But I did see blood.

The morning started with several empty hog feeders and virtually no hay! So I go to feed the cows, then I got to help treat one of our cows and see the cutest picture worthy moment!

Babies vs. Mammas
After treating cows, I fed the sheep and my manager noticed one of the sheep had a swollen ear! After wrangling her into the chute, we go to cut her ear open and what came out...that's right, blood! And a whole lot of it!

Not the GIANT left ear!
I hate blood, it freaks me out! I hate giving shots or seeing animals bleed. I can barely handle my own blood. But this totally needed to happen!

Sheep are on a mission to kill themselves and we are here to stop it! So we assume this sheep hit her ear against something or got it stuck somewhere and irritated it! Lucky for us, we got to drain it!

Rocky is so helpful!
These rare moments, where I get to watch and help with treatments are the moments that make me love my job! Very few people get a chance to say something or someone's life depends on them! And I get to say that everyday, which is so cool! It's okay to be jealous, my job pretty much rocks!

But there are down falls to all jobs and my job is not short on those. I have to lift heavy bales and clean up crap, literally, but hey, I get to snuggle with baby animals and keep them alive. So that makes getting up early, just a little easier.

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