Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's Bucket this Bitch!

So I claimed at the beginning of the semester that I would rapidly check off the items to my self-made Tucson Bucket List. I've been trying aggressively to document all of these moments.

Thus far I have market off I have accomplished most of number 1, 4, 5, 6, and 9 mostly. The first one is a work in progress, five month progress. And I have made a few exceptions to the others. I did not watch the sunset, but I did hike Mount Lemon! And I went to the Rodeo Parade, but did not attend the Rodeo because I got the flu! I know so depressing.

But as I've been marking off each item on my bucket list, I've been discovering a whole new side of Tucson I never knew existed! I feel like a tourist in my own town, which is what keeps things interesting, but I just feel like a slacker for not discovering these things earlier in my college career.

The past two weeks have been stressful as all get out. Between the Jackpot Show, recovering from the Jackpot Show, tests, homework piling up, work, the flu, and a million other things in my life I think I need to just take a second to catch my breath. I think I need to spend a day, eh maybe a weekend, enjoying myself Tucson tourist style. I think I can check a few more items off my list, take a dozen more pictures, and create a thousand new memories.

The Rodeo parade was kind of great, but I was this close to seeing Kansas and I missed him because I haven't let myself take a breather in...well forever.

Hiking Mount Lemon was beautiful and I was with amazing people, but it felt like I was consuming the generic brand crap when I'm so used to the name brand... I think The Band Perry says it right, it's like a postcard from Paris when I've seen the real thing. The sky was endless, the mountains amazing, the air was so clear, and it was truly beautiful, but all I could think about on the top of that mountain is why there aren't taller mountains around it still covered in snow, why isn't it more green, or colder, or more breath taking. Something about living in one of the most beautiful towns on earth spoils you! Nothing is quite as amazing as seeing the snow melt off of Long's Peak day after day, or the sunset over Moraine Meadow, or the endless stars from Bear Lake.

The more I think I don't miss Estes, the more I wish I was there right now. Sometimes in life you have to make these rash decisions and do stupid things and I think I've been doing that a lot lately. But I think I need to start making rash decisions and doing stupid things in the direction of a plan for after graduation and my mental stability. So, I think I'm gonna head home to Estes for Spring Break. Who's with me?