Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No One Remembers the Nights They Got Enough Sleep!

More things could not have happened in the last seven days!!!

This has been the week from the 7th level of Hell, on the top shelf, in the back room where they put all of life's failures and poor life choices!

The week started good with the Suits College Tour and ton of friend time. But then as the Jackpot Show got a little closer, my stress level increased times 100,000,000,000,000.... it was rough.

Finally it's Set up day! After getting very little sleep the night before I spent the entire day at the farm setting up for the show. After a two hour intermission, I came back to the farm to start early registration.

Take a second to imagine what this looked like...a train crashing in slow motion while everyone inside is drowning and the train is on fire...that was registration this whole weekend.

Somewhere between bitter parents, poor planning, pizza, soda, coffee, short jogs, malfunctioning computers, sharpies, hand written papers, cash prizes, no buckles, seven hours of sleep, late night life choices, infinite laughs, too many pictures, baby lambs, werewolf bites, and amazing friends I survived the weekend.
There were about a million things that could have been changed for this weekend. But you live and you learn right?!?!? Apparently we don't all know that rule...

Almost danced my leg off..
As stressful and crazy as this weekend was, it was 100% one for the history books! There was a ton of terrible life choices made, but more than that there were new friends, too much laughing, way too many little moments, and smiling. I had the most amazing time this weekend. I'm sorry that nothing turned out like it was supposed to, but I'm not sorry for the night that I didn't sleep, for the people I met, and the fun I had.

Even though it's taken me virtually half the week to recover, I'm glad I did it.

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