Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cows, cows, and more COWS!!!!

"I can't believe we're getting credit for this." I really can't either, but hey, if you wanna give me two upper division credits to sit around, eat cookies, watch movies, and do ranch chores, by all means, credit away.

Well this was a weekend for the history books! I got to be part of a 13 year tradition of calving pulling at the V-V ranch. With only 12 seats available, it was kind of a big deal to get in the class. And it was totally awesome.
After a four hour car ride full of life stories and laughing, we finally arrived in Rim Rock...population: 500 cattle. There was a quick tour then we got straight to work tagging and feeding. There was a short run down of how the night was gonna play out then some high tech videos...on VHS. 

The first night was spent in five shifts! 
10pm: Everyone goes out. It's raining. Two heifers need to be put in pens. Sophie and Sarah stay outside to watch the miracle of birth in slow motion...
12pm: I'm asleep.
2am: Still asleep. 
4am: First shift for me. Wake up resenting the world, the cows, the other room for getting to sleep!
6am: A little less bitter shift. Nothing exciting happens and I go straight back to sleep.

I was slightly excited to not have to wake up till almost TEN!!! Woot!

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur... A tiny cow filled, bull stimulating, tagging, dead lifting, "what not to do video", amazing food, kitchen time, muddy boot, Carhart wearing blur. 

I learned a ton this weekend and I am so glad I got the opportunity. It made me realize this is so not, but really is, what I want to spend the rest of my life doing!

I made a lot more friends than I expected to make and it definitely made me miss the teaching farm!

I'm super thankful that I get to wake up every morning to the sound of hungry sheep and mooing cows! I got to spend my afternoon bottle feeding a two pound baby lamb who is depending on me for survival! How many people get to do that?!?! Especially in college.

I may not be the most successful student in the world, I may not have the most friends, or even be that experienced in the livestock industry, but I know who I am and I know that I have my whole life ahead of me to make mistakes and learn more about the world I love. It was humbling yet reassuring weekend that I didn't expect at all.

All in all, it was one for the history books, even though I just went for the food and videos. ;) Write this one down as a success people!

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