Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Throw it way back Thursday!

So as the ever looming Doom's Date gets closer, I keep spending more and more time thinking about the last four years and everything that's happened.

If you would have told me that I would be the student lead at the Teaching Farm, stealing tails and tagging calves, with a long distance boyfriend, two summers in the Rockies, and a whole world ahead of me, I would have laughed out loud.

That girl was not me a mere four years ago...

Let's take it back to Freshman year, I lived in the dorm with two random roommates. There were endless bumps and a large amount of homesickness that made my first semester of college drag on. During the first week I made friends with my neighbors who ended up my second semester roommates, there were some unsolvable issues with one of the first. But not only did they become my roommates, they were my best friends. We all dated boys in the dorm and became a tripod of ROTC boys, Disney movie nights, basement sleepovers, and the social center of our dorm. I made some amazing friends that first year of college, but towards the end everything changed. After plans to move into an apartment with Vyv and the boys, I found out I got accepted into the NROTC program, Em was moving home, we said goodbye to the innocence of our first year. 

Sophomore year was a roller coaster of blood, sweat, and tears...lots of tears. For me the whole year was a silent war of dishes with the roommates, a constant juggle to keep up with my life, and lots of bitter feelings. I was WAY to involved. I became Sisterhood Chair in Sigma Alpha, worked at the farm and Aeropostale, and was trying to stay above water with NROTC. I was making friends in the unit, joined Color Guard, the Ball Committee, Arleigh Burke Society, was Commissioning Ceremony Chair for December 2011, and was dying a little everyday. That whole year was a blur. 

Junior year was strange. I don't really remember a lot of it, because I was a hermit. I was bitter about my lack of Advanced Standing. Spent a lot of time at home. I was somewhere between satisfying the masses with Christmas parties while still trying to campaign. I guess it paid off, because I got President. That whole semester was a hair pulling nightmare. Between the judging team and email situations, I think my tolerance level decreased significantly. While trying to do everything and make everyone happy, I was struggling. Now that I think about it my whole college career I was in a constant state of struggle. After loosing President, something in me changed. I knew nothing was going to be the same after the summer.

Senior year has been a blast. There have been a ton of bucket list moments and I don't regret a single sleepless night. I think I finally took time to be me and not be part of things that stress me out or surround myself with people I don't need. This year has been a blast. Yeah, most of my free time is spent with four stomached ruminants, but hey, there's no sass there. I did better in school this year than I ever thought possible, I've had fun, fallen in love with my life over and over again.

No matter what the adults tell you, college is about 12% class attendance, 8% doing your homework, 60% good times, 5% being an adult, and 15% talking about the being productive but never really accomplishing anything except finishing a 7 season series on Netflix!! 

So no, I may not be the homesick, overly excited 16 year old that I was when I started this whole adventure, but I am a 20 year with no college debt, an amazing group of friends, a handful of epic moments, and the whole world to conquer....

Watch out world, 51 days from now, you'll see!!! I'll be jobless with a college degree and no plans...dangerous. ;)

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