Thursday, March 6, 2014


So, as I get closer to graduation I realize I'm about to leave behind a long standing tradition of procrastination!

More and more people in my life keep showing up as AREC (Agribusiness Economics and Management, is my technical major), majors asking for the advice of a lifetime; what classes to take, old problem sets, general life facts. After answering all of these questions I realize, we AREC majors are a unique breed all our own.

Seeing as this is my only major, I'm not sure if all of this true for the rest of the college world, but I think what we have is pretty unique. 

You might be an AREC major if....

1. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns is the catch phrase to your life.
2. You know the joy of being out of breath before every class....the stairs of Cesar Chavez.
3. You can draw a supply and demand curve, label Q* and P* without a second glance.
4. You could define opportunity cost, elasticity, and marginal cost before you could list the capitol of any state.
5. You base your life off of when the next problem set is due.
6. You can say Agribusiness Economics and Management, Agriculture Resource Economics, Agriculture Water Resource Economics, five times fast!
7. If it wasn't for the last minute, NOTHING would get done.
8. The study room will always be there for you....full of people....the day of an exam (or problem set).
9. You save every graded quiz, problem set, and test to sell for future profits.
10. You are one of four select groups.
        a. A water resource tie-dye wearing, Nalgene drinking, hippie. 
        b. Super smart and your knowledge is forever wanted by the rest of the major. 
        c. From Mexico and full of questions. 
        d. And as Karli would put it..."Good Old White Folk."

We are a small and very select group of people who really don't know anything about the things we're supposed to be learning. Futures markets...What's cross-hedging? I think this class is some form of policy analysis of poverty or law or water or economics, one of those.

  • If the slides are online and the tests aren't cumulative, you can bet attendance will be minimal. 
  • The day of tests and presentations the class size will triple and you will wonder if these people are really even part of the class. 
  • Once you find the answers you are like a god, everyone will hunt you down and seek your advice. 
  • One acronym....SWOT

Every class can be described as, "Well the TA's are usually pretty helpful and if you just get the old problem sets and tests from the class before you'll be fine. Oh, and he usually curves...sometimes, well maybe. You don't really have to go."

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