Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Honey I'm Home...

     Well my second home. I know I know I only spent six months there and in the grand scheme of my two decades, that’s chump change. But isn’t there a saying somewhere about the moments that take your breath away…yeah, that’s what I thought.

   Anyways, SENIOR spring break! Bring on the booze, beaches, and bimbos…oh wait, I’m not a 21 year old frat guy and this isn’t a bad remake of Piranha! So I decided on Spring Break in the snow. It’s ok to judge.

    My Spring Break 2014 Extravaganza began with a lawn day at Aggie and an awesome evening spent with Amiee! After a struggle bus day at work, I finally headed home, only to catch a plane to my mountain paradise. Nice thing about divorce people, there’s always a second Christmas! ;) After finally landing getting to Coal Creek at 2:45am, I was ready for some serious shut eye! An early morning turned this girl into an educated hunter.  Check that one off my bucket list! So with twoish days left in State, Estes is a must…obvi.

     So I have this perfect image of my summer. And that perfect image is captured in what seems like hundreds of pictures scattered across the brick wall in my apartment. I remember crazy outfits, wrangler rides, group breakfast, bonfires, perfect dates, movie nights, Smokin’ Dave’s, Wapiti, and a million other good times. And let me tell you, there is nothing that could mess up this perfect movie I have playing in my head of my perfect summer. Today just further confirmed how perfect my summer was.

  I know it’s crazy to be so in love with one place, but I am! It’s a bit unhealthily and if all us wranglers take a minute to admit it to ourselves, we’re all a little reluctant to let it go. So we’re driving over the mountain and I literally get butterflies! Like meeting your crush for a first date, single greatest moment of your life butterflies and let me tell you folks, there are not words that could describe my excitement! Screaming fan girl excitement! Finally make it to Sombrero and this weird feeling washed over me, like I was finally back where I belonged, home.
    A quick reunion with Kansas and Kristen and some weird glances from the winter crew, a few pictures, and short glance at the winter herd and we’re off to one of the greatest restaurants of all time. Smokin’ Dave’s. After a pitmaster and sweet tea, I ordered a chocolate peanut butter pie to go, of course, gotta get the full experience. After a short trip down town for shopping and Laura’s, we headed home!
So it was one of the best days, well ever. Maybe not, but it was totally up there. No, I didn’t do anything exciting, but I got to go to Estes! What up kids, so cool!!!!

So for those of you that don’t know, Estes Park, Colorado, is hands down my favorite place in the world. What’s not to love? Mountain views, Rocky Mountain National Park, all the wildlife your little heart can handle, touristy vibe, a Safeway, unbeatable views, horses, cold weather, everything a girl could hope for. But that’s not why I love it…

This city, it’s amazing. It’s the place where I met my lifelong best friends, found myself, fell madly in love, gorged on food, stopped caring, jumped in a lake at 12am, and experienced unforgettable moments that made me into the girl I am today. It’s magic.

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