Friday, March 28, 2014

(No So) Daily Diary!!!

 Daily Diaries

Here's a slight recap of how I spent my week after Spring Break!!!

Monday: Woke up in the wee hours of the morning to a mere 33 degree weather, chilly for this Arizona girl; said goodbye to my Prince Charming with a Southern accent and headed back to the Dirty-T. After a three hour flight and some serious shut eye, I went a visited the whole fam bam, before headed back to college and kissing my senior Spring Break goodbye. I also entered the 21st century and got an Iphone 5c, look out world this girl's got a lime green bundle of social media and a lifeproof to protect it. #selfiecentral

Tuesday: I headed back to work, after almost two weeks off, it was nice to see the baby ponies again. I missed it a little. Then headed to school for a full day of classes and grad fest. I bought my cap and gown and paid, what felt like my left kidney. It was so surreal to finally purchase everything I need to GRADUATE!! I had a dinner date with Karli! Shady Mexican for two please! And learned the joys of an Iphone.

Wednesday: Another early morning at the farm. It was good to see the tiny critteras again, but it's not the same without Rufus. For those of you that are new, I am a senior in college who works for the farm at the university I go to. I work with baby sheep, pigs, and cattle. I might have spent a little two much time at work and spent the rest of the day procrastinating studying for my test and quiz, I mean, organizing my wallet, room,  and cleaning. Another dinner date, with Rosa this time, to work on graduation stuff. I got a whole lot of nothing done, UA is organized like that.

Thursday: Running on little sleep, I headed to work in the early morning hours and said good morning to the ponies. Headed to school early and got some extra studying in, took a test and quiz. I killed a few hours with my favorite duo, Amiee and Ashley. Then off to the Senior Sendoff. Boy, do I feel unsuccessful for my abundance of wanderlust. Also, for those that are new, I have NO plans after graduation. But no debt either, so bonus points there. I am 20 years old, with an almost bachelors degree, a love of travel, agriculture, and my tiny dog. Every other senior is much older with big plans and great jobs lined up...Then a Collegiate Livestock Growers Meeting and finally home.

Friday: Another day of work, filled with bales of hay, lots of corn, tiny lambs, and doggy daycare. I met up with Miki for coffee and headed back to work to finish up some chores. I spent the rest of the day being mildly productive, but a bit of a shut in.

Weekend plans: I am taking the rest of my senior pictures, headed to the Ostrich Farm, Zumba, Yoga, early morning work, power apartment cleaning, packing, and homework. It's gonna be a party up in here.

And that was my week! How did everyone else recover from Spring Break? And who is so not ready for Monday to come around again?!?!

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