Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So....what are your plans?!?

Gosh. Isn't that just the million dollar question?!? 

I wish everyone was this interested in my life plans during college then maybe I would know where I'm headed! 

But really people, this just got super real. Grad Fest today on campus...seniorness overload!!! 

I bought my cap and gown today and plan to order announcements tomorrow. I'm making plans to decorate caps and take senior pictures. Can someone please tell me when exactly I became a senior!?! Like at what point did four years pass me by? How am I expected to go out into the world and be somebody when I haven't even figured out the right study habits yet? 

Today was so surreal, like someone else was standing in line buying my graduation attire and deciding on the perfect frame for my COLLEGE DEGREE!!! 

I'm very proud and excited to be graduating from such an awesome school and such an amazing college! Wildcat for life, but doesn't that mean I get to stick around for a while longer, like forever?!?

So, serious question here people, WHAT DO I DO WITH REST OF MY LIFE!?!?!?

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