Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Guilty Pleasures Lately!

Hello peeps, I know I've been a little absent on the blogging scene lately, but in all honesty I have been absent from my life lately!

We're getting down to the wire here and my ever looming graduation date is rapidly approaching. You would think that most people would be ecstatic to finally hold that very expensive piece of paper and tell the world that you are officially a college graduate. Welcome to the not so elite club!! I, on the other hand, am not...not even a little, well maybe a little.

I can not wait to have the freedom to do what I want, to never do homework again, to learn and not be constrained by a classroom, to travel the world, find myself, and be an adult, but I don't know how ready I am for that!

Ok, I'm done! I realize now that the only thing I've been talking about on here recently is how not excited I am to graduate and my job. SOOOO, today we're gonna mix it up a little! Yay yay yay!!!

Today, we're gonna talk about the top five things I've been completely obsessed with lately!!! Be excited!

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures Lately: 
3. My Iphone
4. Every episode of Charmed ever filmed, all outfits included

The last few weeks have been filled with non-stop excitement and I'm super glad that I've been getting the chance to check some items off my Tucson Bucket List, including petting an ostrich and eating LOTS of pizza! But the idea of letting it all go is a little scary so instead of decorating my cap or doing my loan exit interview I choose to relive the 90's through the first two seasons of Charmed, play Show You Off on repeat all day long, and wake up every morning to the voices from Nashville.

What are your recent guilty pleasures? 

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