Sunday, April 6, 2014

Second Spring Break!

So this just got away from me! I think somewhere between facing the realities of it no longer being Spring Break and trying to get back into routine, I lost all track of time! 

I know I've been a little absent on the blog scene lately, but lezzz be honest, my only real audience is my boyfriend, best friend, and my tiny dog friend, this guy!

Anyways! So my week! Really boring, just full of school and work! But I did get to shear sheep, which was super fun and hot and it ended in a epic failure, but it gave me an idea!

So two big things in this post:
1) My San Diego Vaca!
2) Ten Reasons as to WHY I LOVE MY JOB!

So I spent my weekend in a beachy paradise! I hit up La Jolla Cove, Mission Beach, and Imperial Beach! #beachbum anyone?!? In addition to my beachin' status, I ate my body weight in Mexican food in Old Town, hiked from Little Italy to  the Gaslamp District, bought three shirts, a ton of food, and had a super awesome time!!! 

Second part of this post! The top ten reasons why I love my job! So I started this a little bit last week, but again my miniscule audience probably didn't even notice!

 I'm posting a picture every day in my Facebook page with a reason why I love my job! 

For those of you that are new and have made it this far, first and formost WOO, second, I work at the unoveristy's farm as the assistant manager! And I get to spend my days taking selfies with sheep and power lifting bales of hay! 
So starting tomorrow, I will finish my list of the top ten reasons why I love my job! But you have to go follow my Facebook page to see the pictures! I hope you will join me on my little adventure!

What are the top ten reasons you love your job?!?

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