Friday, April 18, 2014

We're All Pretty Bizarre....

...some of us are just better at hiding it.

Everyone has a staple. One thing that totally and completely defines them...ok maybe not one thing, but if you had to choose!

For me my staple would attitude. Everyone knows me for being the girl that can't exactly keep her mouth shut. But hey, most people think I'm funny! 

Mama didn't raise no fool, or a sweetheart for that matter. I have always been a little more outspoken than the rest but can you really blame me! With the life that I've lead, it's hard to not stick out! 

For those of you that are new or just didn't know, I started high school at 12 and college at 16! I will be a college graduate before I can purchase my first legal drink!!!! Kind of crazy, huh? Yeah it's been quite the struggle. But that's another staple of my life that makes me...well me! 

And much like The Breakfast Club, we all fit into one of those five categories.

So question is, are you a brain, athlete, a basket case, a princess, or a criminal?


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