Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mine Would Be You....all!

You miss it, huh? 

                                       No! Not at all. 
                                           Well maybe a little. 
                                                     YES, MORE THAN BREATHING!!!!

Of course you would miss a part of your soul...a bit dramatic I know, but you were never a part of it. 

Is enough drama built yet? Has anyone guessed what I'm talking about? No? Want a hint? 

I'll give you four choices...
A. My ended relationship. 
B. The sorority I dedicated my life to. 
C. My old life. 
D. My summers in the Rockies.

*pause for dramatic effect*

A. My ended relationship. 
B. The sorority I dedicated my life to. 
C. My old life. 
D. My summers in the Rockies.

You guessed it people, I miss my Rocky Mountain Summer. Not just because of the romance, the drama-filled  free zone, the constant flow of cash, getting to ride everyday, but because of the people, the views, the little things.

I miss being woken up every morning by the lamp post across the street, the crew neck I wore to bridle in, the feeling of grain dust covering my every inch. I miss the rush of our breakfast routine and the five minutes we gave ourselves to look presentable. I miss the morning banter over loading breakfast rides, breakfast rides. I miss waking up to the thin air of the most magical place on earth.

Gosh, I need to get a grip. What is wrong with me? I sound like some love obsessed teen drawing hearts around a name!

But really people, I keep thinking that eventually I'll forget about it. Maybe not forget, but that I'll stop remembering every detail of this summer, stop wishing I was waking up in a bunkhouse filled with my best friends. I keep thinking that if I dive into school work, become obsessed with a new series, or go out more, I'll stop wishing I was spending my Wednesday nights at Cactus. I'll stop replaying the best moments of this summer over and over again.

Like the blog says, coping with life after. It's going so well....

If you, like me, are going through the same withdrawals, reach out! Help a girl think she's less crazy. If you are perfectly content with your football drinking games and selfie Sundays, leave me here to rant! Otherwise, I miss you all and hope that you are missing it just as much as I am. And always remember even though we were hundreds of miles from home, we're never without family. 

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