Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go!

Then again, what's the fun in that! Gosh, we're all pathetic! I'm saying it, I'm backing it, and I am more than guilty of it.

I started this blog a few months ago as a coping mechanism for my summer spent in the mountains. I had the most amazing time there and an even better time blogging about it. And I figured why stop just because the summer did. So I kept blogging and it helps me remember the good times, the rough times, and the best times! The people I met, the boy I love, and the family I made. But as the months pass by I realized, we're all pathetic. We whined and complained all summer long about not being able to wait till we're home, and now that we are, we want nothing more than to be back.

We all still miss it so desperately, more than most of us are willing to admit. But let's be honest here wranglers, we would all rather be on a four hour with a fabulous gay couple in brown riding boots than in Intro to Astronomy or our grungy apartments!

And you don't even have to admit it publicly, I've already seen it....all over social media. Come on people, let's all take a second and look at our most recent profile pictures and cover photos, if you have a Sombrero one in the last three, you miss it. Some of you haven't even changed your pictures since this summer. And that's okay, because you aren't alone... And as I type this blog two of our fellow wranglers are on their way to my apartment! WRANGLER REUNION!!!!!

Now I get that it may seem a little dramatic, but this summer was one for the history books and one phone call could make it all possible again.

So wranglers, how many of you are gonna make that call and drag yourself back to the best worst summer of your life!?!?! Summer 2014, any takers?

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