Monday, January 20, 2014

Sombrero Overload

Shelby & Baby Cows!
In the best way!!! 

-Austin and Shelby came to visit!
-Got a call from my best friend Gina
-Found out Nicole met my grand little!
-Chatted it up with Becca
-Spent an extensive amount of time on the phone with the boy!

It was an emotionally overwhelming weekend that I totally needed. A & S coming to visit made me realize that it's totally fine to have no idea what to do with my life, cause we're all in the same boat. Life has a funny way of figuring itself out and I'm gonna leave this one up to the fates. But it's crazy how much you don't realize you miss something until it comes back into your life!!! There are very few moments where I don't miss being in the Rockies, but times like this weekend make me miss it even more than I realized. In the five minutes I was on the phone with Gina, I was ready to cry I miss her so much!!! I guess that's just another thing that I love about Sombrero, we have family everywhere.
6| Hike 7 Falls

In addition to my Sombrero Overload, I watched almost an entire season of Gossip Girl, impressive I know, and checked one more item off my Tucson Bucket List, I'm really going after it!

So have faith readers, I will check all the items off my list!!! Happy Monday!

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