Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Social Media Superstar.

I wish. 

I'm not even close to being an understudy in the world of social media and blogging, but oh well, we all started somewhere, right?!?!

I feel like I've been spending an excessive amount of time online recently and blogging an awful lot, which is good for those of you that are bored enough to make it all the way. But what I've realized from all of this high speed internet time is several things....

1| I'm Addicted to the life I hope to have
2| I'm Obsessed with what people think of me
3| I never apply for the jobs I should
4| No one reads my blog
5| Gossip Girl is my only real friend

Really though people, it's been a rough two weeks! Every time I turn on my computer, which is like every waking minute I spend in my apartment, I open Facebook, Email, Pinterest, My Blog, and Netflix. I NEED A LIFE! I waste a solid 30 minutes merely checking all of these pages and god forbid I'm in a pinning mood, cancel my day! Even as I write this blog I took a second to check Pinterest. I have checked Facebook at least 7 times today to see how many likes I got on my latest picture posts! I feel an intervention coming on, any volunteers!?!

But what I have realized from all of this is that, I AM NOT ALONE!!! The entire female species is guilty in the indulgence of these social sites. We have more friends on Facebook than we've all met in a life time, more hash-tags than life experiences, more pins than time in the day, and all those important emails in my inbox...mark as unread, I'll get to them eventually!

So if you are like me and you are addicted to your virtual life, stop! Take a vow to go an entire day without technology...starting tomorrow or the day after, eventually. Don't keep scrolling down your news feed, don't pin that workout you will never try, and don't try to convince yourself it will be just one more episode, it's never just one more. So dedicated fans, I hope that you like me are able to realize your addiction and
 are able to admit it to yourself and potentially never change, because the real issue here is how did we live so long without Pinterest and Facebook?

Happy semester readers and remember Pinterest will always be there and Facebook is free at the app store.

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