Thursday, January 2, 2014

What do Resolutions Really Resolve?!?!

Its that time again....time to make or break our New Year's Resolutions! Who's excited? I bet you all plan to loose those last 15 pounds, become a millionaire, a better person, or make something of yourself. Because that's what New Year's is all about! 

Since New Year's brings out the resolutions in people, the need to set a goal, plant a kiss, and attend a party, I decided to dedicate a post to just that...Resolutions and Goals

13 things I've accomplished over the last year. I know that's a narrow list, because let's be real here people, I'm a pretty successful human being... ;) But considering its 2013, I will narrow my list of successes to a measly 13

In addition to 13 successes, I will create a list of 14 goals for the coming new year, anyone see a pattern here? 

13 Things I've Accomplished in the last year:
(Now before I continue with my list I ask for a judge-free zone! Some of my accomplishments may not seem like accomplishments to you all, but to me, this year was one for the history books!)

1. joined the livestock judging team!
2. fell in love with my life
3. finally said good-bye to all the bad in my life
4. moved into an apartment with my best friend
5. started a virtual bucket list
6. created a mildly successful blog 
7. lived for myself
8. started a long distance relationship
9. found my person
10. did AMAZING in school
11. found out who my real friends are
12. went on the perfect first date
13. forgot my New Years resolution (probably to get skinny) 

14 Goals for the New Year:
1. graduate college 
2. make this blog success (can I get some help here?!?!) 
3. fall in love, everyday
4. see the world 
5. visit my person 
6. keep my college friends 
7. do something unbelievable 
8. check some things off my bucket list 
9. laugh
10. cry
11. forgive
12. soak up the moments
13. get back in high school shape!
14. find myself...

So I know some of these things seem odd or strange to some of you, they do to me too. This year was a year of discovery for me. I found my self confidence again, I found out that I'm really good at judging and that has opened all kinds of doors for me. I fell in love with my job over and over again. I forgot to care, I quit. I gave up everything that made me who I was in college. I left Sigma Alpha, I gave up Vice President, I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, I haven't talked to 75% of my so called "sisters" since. The me that loved the sorority, our brothers, is gone. Only to be replaced by this blog crazy, long distance girlfriend who loves her job, her new friends, her summer memories, and every changed thing in her life. 

So I implore you readers, make a list, scratch that, make two lists. One of all of the things you accomplished last year and one of the things you'll accomplish this, because it doesn't matter what you didn't accomplish last year and what you won't do this year, all that matters is that you did something! You made a list and filled it full of wonderful memories. 

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