Friday, January 17, 2014

One Week Down...Eighteen To GO!!!!!

I survived...just barely. Really, this has been a rough week, to say the least. 
In addition to almost breaking my hand with a can of chunky chicken noodle, I broke my Ipad after four days of ownership! On the plus side, all my favorite stores are having killer sales. Shopping is the best medicine right?!?! Or was that laughter...either way.

It hasn't even been a full week of school and I'm already bored. It's cause I'm a senior, I get to be...hush. I'm taking 14 units this semester, it's gonna be rough!! But really though, 2.5 hours of AREC non-stop, I'm going to impale my self with a spork!

In addition to super exciting classes, I'm back to work and working out! Be proud people, I worked out three times this week and the week isn't even over yet. Also I like to pretend I work out at work every morning! Tossing 16 bales at 120 pounds isn't child's play!! I forgot how much I love my job! How much I missed the tiny cows and sheep and even the gross pigs. They're so cute and happy, it makes waking up early kind of worth it.

Also I'm one step closer to marking off item number one on my Tucson Bucket List!!! This month's flavor, Blueberry Lemon!

Anywho, I'm already super over this semester as an actual thing, so I think I might just quit while I'm ahead and become a famous blogger... I know, I'm so funny and so kidding. But I wish! So wish my luck with my semester readers and enjoy these pictures of my princess.

For those of you that are in my boat:

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