Monday, January 6, 2014

I Unlocked the Airport Rat Badge!!!

Over the last three weeks this girl has been to six airports! Count it people, S-I-X!!!
~Oklahoma City

It's been a busy travel season for us all, with the holidays and school ending it seems like everyone is packing up and heading south for the winter, while I've been jet setting around the freakin' country. Don't get me wrong airports are my favorite place on the planet; the high anxiety of missing your connection, the stripping down to your unmentionables just so you pass through security, fancy gift shops, fast food restaurants, and people. More people than Wal-Mart on Black Friday (not really, but pretty close).

And do you all know what America's favorite hobby is?
                           People watching!!!

Oh yeah, we get such joy at of judging from a far, making assumptions, and eventually having to sit next to our favorite person watched.

So where have I been jet setting you ask? Well you always have to start somewhere and for me home base is Phoenix, Sky Harbor International, America's Friendliest Airport....woooh. Then I always end up on a layover in Dallas or Denver on my way to see Prince Charming. Kind of ironic how there are no direct flights to see such an important guy. ;) The other two airports, Houston and Mobile, are from my visit to the Sunshine State.

I'm always excited when I get to visit new airports! I'm well aware that I'm a freak! But really it's fun to ride the little trans, blast my headphones, and most importantly, judge people from afar.

So as I sit here in the airport for the second time this week waiting for my plane.

I get to cross my fingers and hope they hold my connection, because I would be a little less excited to see Dallas if it meant that I had to spend the night. So cross your fingers readers and hope that I make my connection, because if I don't there will be many more depressing posts to come.

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