Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tucson Bucket List

So I'm back! 

Finally after almost a month, I have graced the Dirty-T with my presence. It seems like nothing has changed except, I realized how much I actually might, kind of, sort of, really like Tucson. I think I must have hit my head recently. But really, I missed my dingy, dated apartment, MY JOB, my awesome roommate, fending for myself, my own room, I missed it all.
Coming back is a little bitter sweet thinking I'm driving back to start my last semester of my undergraduate career and potentially, last semester of school EVER!!!!! That's crazy! I have spent the last 15 years behind a desk and in 5 short months I get to put the backpacks away and bring out the briefcases. 

So my winter break was eventful to say the least. After two days of being home, I headed to Lower Alabama to visit the sibling! The weather was less agreeable than expected, but I got to go to the beach and got some amazing shots, so I'm happy. Then after two days of being home I headed to OKC! I know you all were gripping the edges of your seats to see if I made my connection, I didn't. -_- 

So another adventure added to the books. I spent a night in the airport. Not only did I learn that Dallas/Fort Worth is the size of Manhattan in New York City, thanks to virtual Rodger the Junior Pilot in the daycare center. But I also learned that the motion censored TV's will teach you hip hop at any hour, even 3:30am. After a doughnut run and much needed coffee, I boarded a plane to see my main squeeze. I spent a pretty uneventful week being lazy. Although I got a little spoiled with a date night in OKC at resturant called VAST. One word: Fancy!!!! Nights like those remind me of how lucky I am. 

(Not everyone gets a chance to find their other half. I know most people think it's a bit premature to say he's the one, but I don't really care, because when you know, you just know. I didn't spend the last three years being in a wildly mediocre relationship and watch my best friend do the same, to wait around forever and be overly cautious. Besides, we're young, we get to be wild and free.)

After spending almost a week in Oklahoma, I'm finally back to the Dirty-T. Went to work this morning and forgot how much I missed the creatures!!! We got a big pig and he's super cute! (I'll post pictures eventually). 

So in honor of classes starting tomorrow I decided that I'm going to make this last semester one for the history books! I'm going to spend the day Spring Cleaning a little early, getting rid of the clutter, and getting
 ready for an awesome semester. 

This semester I vow to work out more, cook more, bake more,  love my dog more, clean more, dress cute, get good grades, apply for jobs, and finish my Tucson Bucket List. 

What is a Tucson Bucket List, you ask? 
It's a list of bucket list worthy items that can only be accomplished in the dirty city of Tucson, Arizona. So this semester I plan to check off and photograph these items and more, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

Tucson Bucket List
1| Try every Flavor of the Month at Eegee's
2| Pet an Ostrich 
3| Tour the Biosphere 2
4| Eat a Sonoran Hot Dog at a shady 24 hour Mexican Restaurant
5| Watch the sunset from Mount Lemon
6| Hike 7 Falls
7| Drive at insecure speeds down Roller Coaster Road
8| Walk the entire length of the 4th Ave Street Fair
9| Go to the Tucson Rodeo
10| Consume my body weight in pizza from Frog and Frikin

If any of you would like to join me on this quest, have suggestions, or what to take this on yourself, feel free to comment!!!!

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